How to measure your body fat precisely

The best way to start regularly monitoring your body through army body fat calculator is to check your weight on the scale and of course, by the mirror! You need accurate and reliable data to measure your progress over the weeks. But to ensure a correct notion, it is crucial to focus on body composition, that is, on the proportion of different components that together constitute body weight. It is basically made up of fat and lean mass, the latter consisting of bones, vital organs and muscles.

First of all, it is vital to clarify that muscles are our professional fat burners! Muscle is metabolically active tissue, which means that it demands energy all the time just to stay, even sleeping. Each additional kilogram of muscle demands approximately 100 kcal per day.

Thus, it is crucial not to lose muscles, but to maintain or increase them, if that is your goal. But losing them is a bad idea, as it will not guarantee the maintenance of an ideal weight. Still, fewer pounds can mean loss of water and muscle alone, and this will not make you a healthy person. And calculating body fat will give you this answer. Using a good army body fat calculator makes the whole difference.

Benefits of Calculating Body Fat with anarmy body fat calculator

The numbers resulting from the measurement of body composition, especially fat, can give us a lot of information, not just related to weight loss. Such as:

  • High or excessively low levels of fat, both of which are harmful in the development of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure;
  • Establish proper weight for athletes performance health;
  • Formulation of dietary guidelines and exercise prescription with the purpose of modifying body composition and evaluating efficacy;
  • Monitoring changes in body composition that occur with growth, maturation and aging in order to distinguish normal changes from disease states;
  • Contribute to studies and research on the subject.

Ideal Body Fat Percentage

Body fat percentage is the amount of fat you have in your body in relation to your lean mass. And to calculate it one must consider the sex, age, physical biotype and activities practiced, in the case of professional athletes. Learn more.


The “skin fold” method measures your percentage of body fat by pinching your fat with your fingers, and then measuring the thickness with a tweezer called body fat, called the adipometer. The reading is given in millimeters, which makes you compare to a chart with age and sex to get to your percentage of body fat.

Advantages of using this item as an army body fat calculator

  • Precision;
  • Reliable (when skilled in measurement);


  • Measurement variability (the exact same precise location used each time);
  • More than a test site requires a qualified professional aptitude (I did these thousands of times!);
  • For people over 35 pounds overweight, the fat may not fit inside the tongs, so it is less accurate.


The adipomiter is by far the most effective, accurate, practical method to measure and track your body fat percentage on a day to day basis; therefore it is a perfect type of army body fat calculator. Click here for more information:

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